6 Best AI Content Detector Tools to Ensure Original Content [2024]

Are you a content creator who uses AI looking for an effective way to ensure originality in your work? Then AI content detector tools are the answer.

These powerful AI detection tools utilize advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology to quickly detect whether your content passes AI detection to avoid getting penalized.

With AI content detection tools, you can be sure that each piece of content you create is less likely to be flagged as AI generated content.

Whether you’re using AI writing tools to write blog posts for your own website, write copy for a small business, or for medical writing, AI content detectors can help you know how whether your text will pass AI detection.

Here, we’ll cover the best AI content detectors you need for your AI content.

What are the Best AI Content Detector Tools?

The best AI content detection tools include Originality.ai, Sapling, Writer, Content at Scale, Kazan SEO, and Hugging Face.

AI detection tools are software platforms that are designed to detect AI generated content.

If you’re creating content with AI writing tools to rank on Google or that otherwise needs to be original, AI detection tools can help.

Sometimes you can be penalized if your writing gets flagged as AI written content or AI generated text.

Using an AI content detection tool helps you determine beforehand, using the same machine learning and natural language model processing, whether your content is likely to be flagged as AI.

With that, let’s jump in to the best paid and free AI content detector tools that can help you ensure your content is original.

1. Originality.ai

Originality.ai AI Content Detector is an advanced content checking software designed to help content creators detect AI writing and ensure they are creating original content.

The AI technology uses advanced algorithms to analyze digital documents, websites, and other sources of information in order to detect any copied material or similarities between texts.

It provides detailed reports that enable the user to understand the similarity percentage, the sources of copied material, and other important metrics.

The software also offers an automated rewriting feature that can be used to quickly edit existing content for uniqueness and originality.

With Originality.ai’s AI content detector, users can easily create unique and engaging content for their website or blog.

It is a powerful tool that helps content creators save time and effort while ensuring their content passes AI detection.

Originality.ai AI Content Detector

Pros and Cons

  • Automates an important part of the process of creating high-performing content for fast-growing businesses
  • AI technology quickly scans content and gives you results in seconds
  • User-friendly interface allows users to quickly learn how to use the tool efficiently
  • May not have complete AI detection accuracy due to current capabilities
  • Requires a paid subscription plan in order to access full feature set
Originality.ai AI Content Detector
Sapling AI Content Detector

2. Sapling

Sapling has an AI content detector that’s built to help content creators quickly determine whether their content is AI-generated.

Utilizing advanced machine learning algorithms and natural language processing, Sapling AI scans content in real-time, providing users with detailed results on their content’s sentiment, context, intent, and more.

By leveraging this technology, creatives can ensure accurate and consistent content creation. With Sapling AI’s easy-to-use interface, content creators of all levels can quickly and seamlessly identify their content type without the need for lengthy manual reviews.

Additionally, Sapling AI has both free and paid plans, so you can use some features without paying. Currently, the AI content detector is free to use. To unlock the full features of Sapling, like grammar checking and AI content generation, you’d need a paid plan.

Sapling AI Content Detector

Pros and Cons

  • Free and easy to use
  • Identified the specific sentences that may be AI content
  • Able to integrate with other software using API
  • May not always flag AI content
  • Need to create an account to use for free

3. Writer

Writer’s AI content detector is a powerful tool designed to help writers determine whether their content is detectable as AI-generated.

It can also pull in text from a URL and analyze the whole webpage for AI-generated content. Keep in mind that the free version is limited to 1500 characters.

But if you have a paid plan, you can integrate the AI detector into apps and other software using API.

With its intuitive interface and advanced AI technology, Writer’s AI content detector is a great addition for any writer looking to take their writing to the next level.

Writer AI Content Detector

Pros and Cons

  • Free to use
  • Simple and easy-to-use interface
  • Able to analyze content from a webpage via a URL
  • Paid version is able to integrate with other software via API
  • The free version can only check up to 1500 characters at a time
  • May not always be able to tell between AI and human content
Writer AI Content Detector
Content at Scale AI Content Detector

4. Content at Scale

Content at Scale is an AI platform that’s built on top of various generative AI models. The technology is still in its early stages, but it has a great AI content detector that’s currently free to use.

Content at Scale’s AI detector is an advanced artificial intelligence system designed to detect, analyze and categorize large amounts of content from a variety of sources.

Powered by natural language processing (NLP) algorithms and deep learning, the AI detector has the capability to determine patterns and probability of whether text was generated by a human or by AI.

At present, the AI detector tool is free to use, and it can check up to 25,000 characters at a time. It rates your content as a certain percentage that’s human, and determines predictability, probability, and patterns of your input.

While it’s not always 100% accurate at determining whether content was AI-generated, this tool gives you more insights than other AI content detectors.

This is a great tool for content writers to make sure that their content won’t be penalized for AI patterns. It’s also easy to use and implement into your writing workflow to level up your articles.

Content at Scale AI Content Detector

Pros and Cons

  • Free to use, no account required
  • Breaks down input text into probability, predictability, and pattern ratings
  • Highlights text that it flags as AI
  • Can check up to 25,000 characters at a time
  • Not always accurate at detecting AI versus human content

5. Kazan SEO

Kazan SEO is a platform that’s designed to help you generate content quickly that is optimized for search engines.

Its AI content detector is part of the suite of SEO tools offered, and it’s completely free.

In fact, the entire product line is completely free, and their website claims that Kazan SEO will be free forever.

Other tools that are part of Kazan SEO include a content optimizer, SERP overlap, text extractor, keyword clustering, and the AI-generating tool Textron AI.

Kazan SEO AI Content Detector

Pros and Cons

  • AI content detector and other AI-based SEO tools are completely free to use
  • Can detect text generated by GPT-3
  • More accurate than other free tools
  • Limited to 400 words per scan
  • Needs at least 200 words for reliable results
Try Kazan SEO (Free)
Kazan SEO AI Content Detector
Hugging Face AI Content Detector

6. Hugging Face

Hugging Face is an open-source AI community that’s open to all types of developers that want to source their AI models.

The AI content detectors that are hosted within Hugging Face were created by individuals and are available to use for free.

Since these tools are created as open-source, they’re not vetted, so the results may be inconsistent or inaccurate. That said, you may find a great AI detector on the platform, but it might bit hit-or-miss.

Most plans on Hugging Face are free, you just have to create an account. Certain plans are paid, generally for businesses looking to take advantage of the whole range of AI models on the platform.

Hugging Face AI Content Detector

Pros and Cons

  • Most plans are free to use
  • Has several different AI detectors created by open-source community collaboration
  • AI models on this platform are not always vetted, so they could be inaccurate
  • Might be difficult to find a good-quality AI content detector on the platform
Try Hugging Face AI


An AI content detector is a tool that uses artificial intelligence to analyze and identify various types of content, such as text, images, and videos. These tools can be used to detect things like AI-generated content, fake news, and inappropriate or offensive material.

An AI content detector works by analyzing the data contained in the content it is examining. This analysis involves using machine learning algorithms to recognize patterns that are indicative of certain types of content. For example, an AI content detector may be trained to recognize certain patterns or phrases that are commonly associated with AI-generated text.

Common applications of AI content detectors include using them to scan your writing for blog posts or other articles to make sure your content isn’t being penalized due to AI-generated text.

AI content detectors are fairly new to the market, but they can meet lots of different needs. They usually aren’t limited to certain types of text or writing to detect AI content. Certain AI content detectors do require a minimum word count or have a cap of a maximum number of characters they will analyze.

Yes – currently, AI content detectors are not 100% accurate at detecting AI content. You can test some AI content detector tools by generating fully AI-written content and see if it flags it as AI or not. Depending on what output you’re using, you could find different results.

The accuracy of an AI content detector will depend on several factors, including the quality and quantity of data used to train the tool. In general, these tools are fairly accurate at determining whether some of your text has been generated by AI. But there may be ways you can train your AI tools to avoid AI content detection.

Summary and My Take

As content creators, it is important to ensure your writing and ideas are original and aren’t clearly detectable as AI (if you used AI writing tools to generate your content).

AI content detectors can help achieve this by checking for plagiarized or copied material in a fraction of the time that manual checks would require.

By using these tools, you can be assured that your content is more likely to pass AI detection by Google and other systems that may penalize AI content.

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