QuillBot Review: How Writers Can Best Use This Paraphrasing Tool

Words have the power to captivate, inspire, and transform. What if you could harness this power more effectively, reshaping your text to make it even more compelling?

QuillBot is a revolutionary paraphrasing tool that can enhance the writing world with the use of its unique features.

In today’s post, we’re diving deep into the world of QuillBot, exploring its features, benefits, and how it can be a useful tool to better our writing process.

QuillBot is an AI-powered writing tool designed to simplify and enhance the writing process. In addition to its core paraphrasing function, QuillBot offers a variety of features, such as a grammar checker, plagiarism checker, summarizer, and a “flow” feature to assist in content generation.

Whether you’re an experienced writer aiming to enhance your prose, a student seeking an advantage with essays, a medical writer, or any other professional seeking the utmost clarity in communication, this review will aid in determining if QuillBot is the appropriate tool for your needs.

So, let’s take a look into what this natural language processing tool is and how it can enhance your writing!

What is QuillBot?

QuillBot is an AI-assisted paraphrasing tool that can transform the way we write. It caters to millions of students and professionals, aiming to reduce writing time significantly.

Its primary role is to reword text. Users can enter anything from a sentence to an entire article, and QuillBot will produce a differently worded version that retains the original meaning. This ability is especially helpful for overcoming writer’s block and discovering new ways to convey ideas.

In addition to paraphrasing, there are additional QuillBot features that can enrich your writing. It has a summarizing tool that extracts vital points from extensive text, simplifying the understanding of complex information.

It also includes a grammar checker to ensure your content is free from errors. This feature can be especially helpful for non-native English speakers, aiding in the improvement of language skills.

Moreover, QuillBot’s platform is easy to use and accessible. It can be utilized directly through its website or as a Google Chrome extension.

The Importance of Paraphrasing in Writing

Paraphrasing is the art of reimagining words, sentences, and ideas, breathing new life into existing content.

In a world filled with information, paraphrasing serves as the key to standing out from the crowd. It allows us to transform mundane text into captivating narratives, adding our own unique voice and perspective.

Paraphrasing not only enhances the readability and flow of our writing but also offers a fresh take on familiar concepts, making them more accessible to a wider audience.

It is through the magic of paraphrasing that we can elevate our content from ordinary to extraordinary, leaving a lasting impact on those who engage with it.

When using QuillBot’s paraphrasing tool, you can give your writing the creativity and opportunity to remain engaging and effective, while still preserving the original intent of your message.

The built-in thesaurus helps you explore a wide range of synonyms and alternative phrases to further enrich your content.

How To Use QuillBot

As we move on to the next part of our review, we’ll be focusing on the practical side of things: how to use QuillBot:

Visit the QuillBot Website

Start by opening your browser and visiting QuillBot’s website:

Visit Quillbot's Website

Enter Your Text

On the homepage, you’ll see a box where you can enter the text that you want to rewrite or paraphrase. Copy and paste your text into this box:

Enter Your Text

Choose Your Mode

QuillBot offers several modes like Standard, Fluency, Creative, etc. Each mode has its own unique features. Select the one that best suits your needs.

Choose Your Mode

Click “Paraphrase”

After selecting your mode, click the “Paraphrase” button. QuillBot will then process your text and generate a paraphrased version.

Click "Paraphrase"

Review the Output

The paraphrased text will appear in the right-hand box. Review this to ensure it maintains the original meaning and meets your requirements. You can make edits directly in this box if needed.

Review the Output

Copy the Paraphrased Text

Once you’re satisfied with the output, click the “Copy” button to copy the paraphrased text to your clipboard. You can then paste it wherever you need.

Copy the Paraphrased Text

Adjust Settings as Needed

You can adjust the settings for paraphrasing by using the slider for “Synonyms” at the top right of the page.

Sliding the bar to the right will allow for more changes to the text while sliding the bar to the left will allow for fewer changes to the original. These settings allow you to customize the output further.

Adjust Settings as Needed

QuillBot’s Unique Features

QuillBot differentiates itself from other AI writing software with its unique set of tools and features. While many AI writing tools focus on generating original content, QuillBot specializes in enhancing existing content, making it a valuable tool for writers, students, and professionals.

While it’s not known as an article rewriter, Quillbot paraphrasing and summarizing tools that fit with your writing style can help with the rewriting process.

When it comes to the world of AI writing tools, QuillBot has distinguished itself with a suite of features that aim to streamline and enhance your writing process.


The QuillBot Paraphrasing tool is a game-changer for writers looking to elevate their content. Writers can tap into its full potential by utilizing the array of features it offers.

By comparing results from eight predefined modes, you can find the perfect balance between preserving the original meaning and creating unique variations.

The real magic happens with the Custom mode, where you have the freedom to define and create an unlimited number of personalized paraphrasing styles.

The built-in thesaurus helps you find the best synonyms and phrasing to tailor your paraphrases to perfection. If you need a fresh perspective, simply use the rephrase option to generate new results from the same text.

Using AI-powered technology, QuillBot strives to ensure that your paraphrases maintain or even improve the fluency and readability of your writing.

Grammar Checker

One of the standout features of QuillBot is its Grammar Checker. This feature ensures that your writing is impeccable by identifying and highlighting grammatical errors, allowing users to polish their work to perfection.

With the Grammar Checker, you can receive suggestions for corrections, helping you improve the clarity, coherence, and overall quality of your writing.

Whether you’re a student, a writer, or a professional, this tool is an invaluable asset in ensuring that your work is error-free and communicates your ideas effectively.

QuillBot’s Grammar Checker is just one of the many powerful features that make it a comprehensive writing companion for individuals looking to enhance their writing skills, boost productivity, and achieve exceptional results.


QuillBot’s Summarizer is another key feature that is offered. This feature allows you to effortlessly navigate through extensive research papers, lengthy news articles, or even “wordy’ emails.

By selecting either the Key Sentences or Paragraph Mode, QuillBot’s AI analyzes the text and extracts the essential information, presenting you with a concise and high-level overview of the material.

This can save you time and energy by enabling you to grasp the main points without having to dive into every detail.

Citation Generator

QuillBot’s Citation Generator is an invaluable tool for any writer or researcher who understands the importance of proper source citation. When it comes time to create your reference page, this feature is there to make the process effortless.

With QuillBot’s AI-powered Citation Generator, you can easily craft full and in-text citations in popular styles such as APA, MLA, or Chicago.

Whether you’re working on a research paper, presentation, or any other project that requires accurate citations, this tool is designed to save you time and ensure your sources are properly credited.

QuillBot’s Citation Generator is a fast and easy way to generate citations, allowing you to focus on the content of your work while maintaining academic integrity.

Plagiarism Checker

QuillBot’s Plagiarism Checker is an essential feature for anyone looking to ensure the originality and integrity of their written work.

As any writer knows, it is crucial to give proper credit to other authors for their contributions, before submitting your own work. You want to make sure that your work is plagiarism free.

With QuillBot’s AI-powered Plagiarism Checker, you can rest assured that your document will be thoroughly scanned to identify any potential instances of unintentional plagiarism.


QuillBot’s Translator is a remarkable feature that can provide world-class translations in over 30 different languages.

Even if you’re unsure of the language your text is in, QuillBot’s Translator will detect and identify it instantly. Language is no longer a barrier but rather a stepping stone to meaningful communication with the help of QuillBot’s Translator.

This feature empowers users to break through language barriers, fostering understanding and enabling collaboration on a global scale.

Pricing and Plans

Quillbot offers two different plans when it comes to pricing:

Free Plan

The Free plan, as the name suggests, comes at no cost to the user. It provides users with a set of basic features that are great for occasional use or for those who are just getting started with the service.

The features include limited functionality and a word limit of 125 words per use. Additionally, it offers two tones for writing, providing some flexibility in terms of style and tone.

However, its limitation lies in its restricted word count and limited tones, which might not be sufficient for more extensive or varied writing needs.

Premium Plan

On the other hand, the QuillBot premium plan is a paid subscription that offers a significant upgrade from the Free plan.

It comes in three pricing tiers: $19.95 per month, $79.95 every 6 months, or $99.95 every year. This plan provides unlimited words, meaning that users can write as much as they want without worrying about hitting a word limit.

The premium plan grants access to a wider range of tones, allowing for greater versatility and customization in writing. An added advantage of the Premium plan is the inclusion of a plagiarism checker.

The choice between the Free and Premium plan depends on the individual user’s needs. Those who require only minimal features may find the Free plan sufficient, while those who require more extensive functionality and flexibility might find the Premium plan more suitable.

When examining the pricing of QuillBot AI software in comparison to similar products on the market, it is apparent that QuillBot offers substantial value for its cost. Even when opting for the premium version, QuillBot remains impressively affordable.

The ability to access all of its services for under $10 a month with an annual plan is a rarity in the sphere of AI tools. While there are less expensive proofreading tools available – such as ProWritingAid – the range of tools provided by QuillBot at this price point is noteworthy.

It’s worth mentioning that Grammarly, another popular tool in this domain, charges $12 per month for its premium service.

Therefore, considering the extensive functionality that QuillBot offers, including unlimited word count, diverse writing tones, and a plagiarism checker, you can see that QuillBot presents excellent value for its price, positioning it as a highly cost-effective choice among AI writing and proofreading tools.

Pros and Cons of QuillBot

In our experience using Quillbot, we’ve found it to be a particularly useful tool. The paraphrasing feature has been a standout – it takes what we’ve written and transforms it in ways that often inspire new ideas. This is a unique aspect that we feel distinguishes QuillBot from other AI tools.

We also appreciate the grammar checker feature which acts as a proofreader, to make our work more grammatically accurate.

We see Quillbot’s features being most beneficial for academic purposes or student use, because of the more robust AI writing tools such as Jasper, but it does provide many key features and benefits that apply to each form of writing.

Let’s take a look at some pros and cons:


  • Free plan available with no sign-up required.
  • Affordable paid plans and a refund policy.
  • Simple, intuitive interface.
  • Includes a summarizer tool and a grammar checker tool.
  • Quick and easy-to-use paraphrasing tool with several modes.
  • Time-saving for rewriting sections of articles or texts.
  • Note-taking functionality on articles listed in the research section.
  • Easy citation creation for sources in various formats (MLA, APA, etc.)
  • Provides grammar and plagiarism checking.
  • Extensions are available for Chrome, Microsoft Word, and MacOS.


  • Output doesn’t always pass AI detection tools.
  • Not specifically designed for digital marketers.
  • Only two writing modes are offered for free.
  • Character limitation for both free and paid plans.
  • Manual intervention is often needed (as with all AI tools).

QuillBot offers several advantages, including its straightforward and efficient operation that eliminates the need for customer care.

Users appreciate its easy navigation and integration with Microsoft Word, which aids in enhancing their writing. Its user-friendly interface and generous free plan make it accessible and useful, especially for those on a tight budget.

Many users have praised it as one of the best paraphrasing tools they’ve used, adding an element of fun to their writing process.

However, QuillBot also has a few drawbacks. It sometimes experiences technical issues, rejecting copied text and requiring extra time to acknowledge it. Additionally, if you’re writing medical or scientific content, QuillBot may not be as accurate as other AI tools that are specifically tailored to this use.

Access to key features like the Plagiarism Checker and QuillBot Flow tools requires upgrading to a Premium version. Some users have noted that it occasionally falls short of their paraphrasing standards.

Moreover, if you’re not a member, your access to features is limited. Finally, the process of pasting and copying text from separate windows can be inconvenient for some users.


In conclusion, QuillBot is an innovative, AI-powered writing tool that offers an array of features aimed at enhancing and simplifying the writing process.

From its core paraphrasing function to its grammar checker, plagiarism checker, summarizer, “flow” feature, citation generator, and translator, it provides a comprehensive suite of tools that can help a wide range of users, from students to professionals.

The paraphrasing tool, in particular, is one of the best features offered by applying a fresh take on familiar concepts and making them more accessible to a broader audience, and the grammar checker that fixes grammatical errors and communicates your ideas effectively.

For those looking to elevate their writing, I highly recommend giving QuillBot a try. Its unique blend of features truly sets it apart in the landscape of AI writing tools.

Call to Action

We encourage you to explore the potential of AI in writing with QuillBot! Give it a try and see how its features can align with your writing needs, whether for academic writing, professional, or personal purposes.

As with any tool, user experience varies, so ultimately the decision is up to you whether QuillBot can help improve your efficiency and overall writing process.

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